Technological Innovation Revitalizes China’s Textile Industry

GUANGZHOU, China, April 10, 2022 /PRNewswire/ —

As China’s top comprehensive trade event in terms of scale and turnover, the Canton Fair has prepared well for the 131st session and is ready to welcome international buyers.

Here, we can enjoy the new and chic clothing and joyful modelling displays. In previous Fairs, textiles and apparel have always sit among the most eye-catching sections. Each session, many garment and textile companies flock in from provinces like Shandong, Hebei, Zhejiang, and Fujian. In recent years, technology innovation has revived the quite traditional industry in China. Numerous new products come to the stage featuring new fabrics, design, and manufacturing, dazzling the buyers’ eyes. At the 130th Canton Fair, a waterproof beige trench coat made with eco-friendly fabrics is favored by European and American buyers. Another type of popular products is those made by seamless computer knitting machine, which was especially well received among buyers from the U.K., Germany, U.S. and Japan.

The Chinese textile industry has penetrated various fields, from clothing and home textiles to the national defense and military industry, from transportation to medical and healthcare, from environmental protection to new energy development, from artificial blood vessels inside the heart and blades of wind turbines to the metal antenna mesh of the Beidou Satellite System (BDS), as well as the knitted Chinese national flag displayed on the moon.The wide application of Chinese textiles reflect constant innovations of the industry.

According to the reports, China’s clothing and textiles have transformed its global targeted market from middle and low-end into high-end with the same share of 60%. Once synonymous with “processing,” the Chinese textile industry is embarking on a path of intelligent manufacturing driven by technological innovation.

Hit by COVID-19, more textiles and apparel foreign trade enterprises have switched to online sales. From the 127th Canton Fair, many participant enterprises have arranged live streaming teams. During the Fairs, they advertised their products via 24-hour live streaming to attract buyers. Maggie Pu, Deputy Director General of the Foreign Affairs Office of the Canton Fair, said, with trade promotion activities such as “Discover Canton Fair with Bee and Honey”, “Trade Bridge” Virtual Promotion, the 131st Canton Fair will continue to connect buyers and suppliers, and share Chinese intelligent manufacturing products with the world.

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SOURCE Canton Fair