Top 5 free Minecraft server hosting websites in 2022

Minecraft’s multiplayer mode is one of the game’s most well-known features. While exploring Mojang’s idea of dynamically generating infinite open worlds alone is fun and riveting in its own way, nothing can beat the thrill and sense of adventure that follows when a group of friends travel through the vast fields, caves, and mountains of the game.

Minecraft’s multiplayer mode, even with regard to ‘Realm,’ severely restricts the number of players that can join a particular world. Creating a server however, drastically increases the number and thus, the level of creation, immersion, and fun that can be had.

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Top 5 Minecraft server hosting websites like Minefort and Scalacube that players don’t need to pay for (2022)

5) Minefort

Minefort allows players to create their own online server within a matter of minutes. All players have to do is register and create an account. The server dashboard is easy to navigate and contains a ton of customizable settings. Hosts can add plugins, manage game files, tweak world settings and more.

4) Scalacube


Scalacube features free servers for a ton of different games, including Minecraft Java Edition and Pocket Edition, Rust, Valheim, and Ark Survival Evolved. For Minecraft, it offers unlimited player slots, support for modpacks, multiple servers on one account, and plugin support.

For Pocket Edition, an additional option of custom PHAR and JAR files is available.

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3) FreeMcServer


FreeMcServer is another free server hosting that provides its users with high-speed and low latency servers. It offers two free plans that can be chosen by hosts.

The first offers 1.5 GB of RAM, 10 GB of disk, renewal every four hours, and mod support. The second option offers a renewal every two days, 384 MB of RAM which can be expanded up to 4 GB, no queue, and no mod support.


youtube-cover is a server hosting website that offers some free plans in its arsenal to cater to players who are unable to purchase paid plans. With 1 GB of allocated RAM, the server may sometimes lag when multiple people are playing on it. However, the experience is mostly smooth and lag-free.

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1) Aternos

🔼 Minecraft 1.18 – The Caves & Cliffs Update Part II was just released and is already available on…Create a new server for free or update your existing server to explore the amazing caves and the huge mountains! 🏔️Have fun! 💙

Aternos is a free server hosting website that claims that it will stay free forever. With 2 GB of RAM allocated to each of its servers, players experience lag-free Minecraft gameplay. The website has several customization options and settings for each server, from the number of players and whitelists, to commands and custom world creation.

Playing with friends is one of the most fun experiences players can go through. While the game’s single-player mode is fun, the game has been out for more than a decade. After a certain amount of time, the single-player mode may get repetitive for some players. This is where online play comes into the picture.

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