Twitter Shares Examples of Top Agency-Originated Ad Campaigns from 2021

Seeking inspiration for your tweet marketing approach in 2022?

Today, Twitter has shared examples of some of the most successful agency-originated tweet campaigns of the year, which could spark some more creative considerations in your planning.

And while not all brands will be able to run a Trend Takeover promotion or a large scale giveaway, you can still use these ideas as inspiration – here’s a look at some of the campaigns in the spotlight.

First off, Twitter highlights the Got milk? Campaign for National Milk Day, created with ad agency GALLEGOS United.

As explained by Twitter:

Got milk? wanted to connect with and own the conversation around #NationalMilkDay (1/11/21). The brand aimed to promote messages of positivity and generate positive sentiment about the brand and dairy milk on Twitter.”

As you can see in the above tweet, the brand launched a “Milk Grams” delivery service, which saw it share custom tweet messages with those that left a comment on the initial tweet. That prompted more than 130 replies, enabling Got Milk to post a range of positive messages with various handles, and solidifying the brand’s position in the market.

It’s not a viral example – it didn’t go massive, as such, and drive huge response. But it did help Got milk re-state its brand purpose, while also expanding its messaging through various responses and replies.

Though I did also find this final note interesting:

“GALLEGOS and Got Milk also partnered with popular Korean Pop band, BTS, resulting in some viral Tweets.”

Yeah, partnering with the most popular band on the platform will do that. Good for those that are able.

Twitter also highlights this campaign from HOKA footwear, which aimed to both promote the brand and celebrate the work of nurses during the pandemic.

“HOKA usually targets athletes (especially runners). But during the COVID-19 pandemic – nurses and health care workers, not athletes, were the most visible, inspiring examples of endurance.  HOKA wanted to connect with this audience and joined the on-going conversation of support around nurses.” 

Using targeted ads, HOKA was able to maximize their branding while also highlighting the work of nurses, and linking into the trending discussion. The campaign underlines the value of utilizing trends relevant to your brand to ensure you remain part of the discussion.

Many of the examples Twitter provides used specific Twitter ads tools, like remarketing, trending takeovers, video ads, etc. So in some ways, Twitter’s really trying to showcase its various ad tools and options, but still, there are some interesting considerations here, which could help to inform your approach.

Really, the key to effective Twitter marketing is getting attention, and tapping into the platform in creative ways. For some, that can be via snappy comebacks and on-brand responses, but for others, it’s about considering the ways in which users engage with tweets, and how you can use the platform’s various features to prompt engagement and interaction, which can help to boost overall reach.

There’s no right, prescriptive way to do this, but by taking in examples of how other brands have achieved success, that can help to guide your own thinking and approach, which may lead to better outcomes more aligned with how people are using Twitter today.

You can check out all of Twitter’s agency campaign examples here.