Upgrade to VPS hosting: when to do it and how to do it?

When taking our first steps into the world of web hosting, most of us will settle for a shared hosting solution without giving it a second thought and there are a couple of good reasons why. For starters, it’s the most pocket-friendly solution for launching a site, and if your needs are simple you can get away without spending a dime on some of the free hosting solutions out there. That is, if you don’t mind being bombarded with a series of ads. What’s more, the setup is surprisingly simple, which makes it suitable for newcomers and non-tech-savvy users overall.

However, although shared hosting is a popular choice for startup projects with individuals and businesses alike, when your site starts to grow you’ll begin to notice the drawbacks of this simple solution. As your site attracts more traffic, the number of required resources such as storage space and bandwidth, as well as computing power will shoot up. Once the solution hits its limit, it’s time for an upgrade, and one of the most sensible ways to scale your site is to migrate from shared hosting to a hosting type that will supply you with more power and resources.